Staff Directory


Photo of Greg Bowes

Mr. Greg Bowes

Vice Principal & Learning Support Teacher (Junior High)

Photo of Sean Dupuis

Mr. Sean Dupuis

Assistant Principal (High School)

Photo of Kim Hutzul

Mrs. Kim Hutzul

Principal (Junior High)

Photo of Tanis Machacek

Tanis Machacek

Assistant Principal (Junior High)

Photo of Scott Petronech

Mr. Scott Petronech

Principal (High School)


Photo of Robyn Cram

Mrs. Robyn Cram


Photo of Sean Dupuis

Mr. Sean Dupuis


Photo of Jocelle Gerow

Mrs. Jocelle Gerow


Photo of Lana Hansen

Mrs. Lana Hansen

Social / PE / Foods

Photo of Mark Harding

Mr. Mark Harding

Math / Social / Bible

Photo of Amber Kallen

Mrs. Amber Kallen


Photo of Jamie Maccormack

Jamie Maccormack


Photo of Tanis Machacek

Tanis Machacek


placeholder image for Jillian Pickerell

Jillian Pickerell

Science / English

Support Staff

Photo of Kathy Friesen

Kathy Friesen

Educational Assistant

Photo of Corrie Ilczynski

Corrie Ilczynski

Secretary (HS)

Photo of Cindy Kanomata

Cindy Kanomata

Administrative Assistant (JH)

Photo of Vicki Koersen

Mrs. Vicki Koersen

Learning Commons Facilitator/ Secretary (JH)

placeholder image for Stacy McClelland

Stacy McClelland

Secretary (HS)

placeholder image for Natasha Morgan

Natasha Morgan

Secretary (HS)

placeholder image for Garth Mouland

Garth Mouland

Career Counsellor (HS)

placeholder image for Tegan Nielsen

Tegan Nielsen

Educational Assistant

Photo of Justina Schmitt

Justina Schmitt

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Chelsea Van Husen

Chelsea Van Husen

Family Connections Wellness Coach

placeholder image for Kimberley Wasylowich

Kimberley Wasylowich

FCSS Counsellor (HS)

Photo of Chelsea Zielinski

Chelsea Zielinski

Educational Assistant