Principal's Corner

May 1, 2019 - May Newsletter

Dear Parents,

                I hope you all had a blessed Easter and are enjoying the renewal of Spring. Spring seems to be a bit slow in coming this year, regardless of what the temperature might say it is definitely May and we are quickly moving toward the end of the school year.   It is a time for wrapping up but also a time for starting new.

                A number of spring activities are now happening at TMS. Our Middle School students, grades 6-9, are working on running club.   Running club is preparing for a race at the end of May in Medicine Hat called, Conquer the Coulee.   This month we will get our Drama club running again. Here students will be previewing a play that our school is considering doing next year called, “Rescue In the Night.”  It is musical retelling of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.  In just a few days the grads and a number of other students who have volunteered to help will be engaging in the Annual Highway Clean Up. As in the past we will be working on a section of Rural Road 873 near Rainier.  This event is the major fundraiser for our grads, and given the smaller size of our graduation class we are grateful for the other students who have volunteered for this event. 

Tour our New Location:

                As you know we are planning on relocating to the W.R. Myers and D.A. Ferguson complex.  D.A. Ferguson will be moving into the main portion of their school this month.  At that time the wing they were occupying will be freed up for renovation.  Next Tuesday, May 7th at 7:00 PM we will be conducting a tour of the facility for any families who are interesting is seeing our “future” home.  We will have coffee and light snacks available. We will meet in W.R. Myers Library. The library can be access by the south doors of the school. Signs will be posted to show you the way. This is a great opportunity to see our space prior to renovation.  Additionally, we will be touring other parts of the school that our students will be using: Gymnasiums, Foods labs, shop, etc.  We encourage students to come with their parents to make this a family event.

                If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s schooling, please feel free to call me any time during the school week.  Take care, and God bless. 

Mark Harding

Principal, TMS